Revista Campo de Públicas, V. 1, N. 1 (2022): Edição Especial sobre Planejamento - ISSN: 2764-6009

Campo de públicas : conexões e experiências [recurso eletrônico] / Fundação João Pinheiro, Escola de Governo. v. 1, n. 1 (jan./jul. 2022). – Belo Horizonte: FJP, 2022-. Semestral. ISSN: 2764-6009

Editorial: Planning ahead of budget: a rescue in favor of the due process of legitimate prioritization
Maria Isabel A. Rodrigues, Carla B. Ladeira
Élida G. Pinto
Interview: Scenarios and challenges for government planning
José Celso P. Cardoso Jr.
Planning in the public sphere revisited: lessons, advances, and backdrops since the 1988 Federal Constitution (CF/1988)
Ricardo Carneiro
Participatory planning and budgeting base on federal government multi-year plans
Leandro F. Couto
Financing of social assistance at stake: from the consolidation of Suas to the crisis imposed by the constitutional amendment 95/2016
Isabela V. Teixeira, Bruno L. D. Costa
City statute, municipal obstacles and challenges
Silvia C. Corrêa, Flávia P. D. Brasil
Replication and similarity in municipal PPA in Minas Gerais: an empirical analysis of laws in the periods of 2014-2017 and 2018-2021
Bruno F. Costa, Samir C. Moysés, Samuel S. Barbosa
Marias and Marielles in governmental planning: more subjects, more knowledge, and more democracy in the Brazilian state
Roseli Faria, Eduardo G. Santos, Elton Bernardo B. Melo
The normative requirement to install a government transition team in the Brazilian legal system
Anderson Tiago F. Santos, Ana Luiza G. Araújo
Municipal strategic planning for socioeconomic development after COVID-19
João Batista Rezende, Isabella P. Tibúrcio
Ideas to bring strategic government planning back in
Luiz Fernando A. Paulo